July 2014 - July 2016

At Microsoft, I was part of the MACH program where I did two rotations over two years. Below are some of the main projects I undertook.

Microsoft Partner Connect Redesign

Microsoft Partner Connect is an e-commerce site (and a corporate partner to the Microsoft Store). As part of a redesign initiative, I created the design wireframes aimed at enhancing the user experience of the site. I also contributed to the development of the interface itself.

Stressed Device Detection

I created a tool to monitor network health and proactively identify stressed devices on the Microsoft Corporate Network. Stressed devices were termed to be any device connected to the network that was approaching failure and/or becoming a bottleneck.
This enabled the early detection of faults and the ability to resolve related issues before there was any major impact to the performance of the network. It reduced the time taken to identify stressed devices from 6-8 hours to approximately 6 minutes.

Shadowing a Program Manager

I shadowed Prabhu Jegannathan, a program manager, for 6 months. Apart from learning about and exploring the various aspects of the role, I created regular status reports and tracked invoice details for various projects. I also assisted in business-unit-level budget planning for FY16.

Gyaan Abhiyaan

Gyan Abhiyaan is an internal training management portal. It allows each person to show interest in particular trainings and earn scorecards and achievements when completed. On the administration end, it allows organizers to view/edit historical information and various statistics to help plan trainings better. I actively contributed to the design and development of the portal and it's many modules.

Audit Management System

I contributed to the development of a supply chain audit management system that supports different assessment areas. More specifically, I enabled the online management of an audit checklist and summary reports for various stakeholders.

Project Metrics (Windows App)

As part of this project I contributed to the implementation of an online repository for the release quality metrics that could be viewed in a Windows app.