Collaborative XR for Surgery

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The expertise required for complex trauma procedures and specializd surgeries isn't always available when needed - especially in rural and resource-strapped regions. Timely access to telemedicine in these scenarios can empower novice medics or surgeons to perform complex procedures to improve both patients' quality of care and survival outcomes. This project involves designing and developing an extended reality trauma and casualty care environment with a focus on guidance for collaborative remote surgery.

With ARTEMIS, expert surgeons in remote locations use Virtual Reality to access a live 3D reconstruction of a patient’s body and guide novice surgeons on complex procedures as if they were together in the operating room. They also have access to multiple video feeds, annotation tools, and pre-loaded procedure clips. Novice surgeons receive in-situ expert guidancethrough an intuitive Augmented Reality interface. The ARTEMIS system was developed in collaboration with the Naval Medical Center San Diego and evaluated using cadaver studies for a number of trauma procedures. More information can be found here.

interface sketch
An early sketch of ARTEMIS and its features.
Interface gif.
A brainstorming and prototyping session.
An overview of ARTEMIS Features.
whiteboard aid
Role-playing in the labs mock operating room.
ARTEMIS at the Naval Medical Center.


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