A mixed reality exploration of PWC's Bodylogical

In collaboration with PWC, we designed and built The Bodylogical Data Analysis Workshop to explore, identify, and work with multi-dimensional population risks in mixed reality.

The goal of this project was to enable stakeholders to explore Bodylogical's various functionalities in an engaging manner. We worked closely with the PWC team and used user/stakeholder interviews, sketches, low-fidelity video prototypes (example), and low-fidelity prototypes on the Microsoft HoloLens to understand their needs and expectations.

We finally settled on creating a data-analysis "workshop" that allowed users to experience collaboratively working with multi-dimensional population health data through the Microsoft HoloLens in an almost tangible manner. Within this "workshop" users can view data from various perspectives, take snapshots that can be "pinned" to a wall, and add/remove/modify interventions and see its effects play out around them. They can also work with an avatar to customize and view their decisions' effects on a specific individual. More details can be found in this design document. Some of the features discussed in it are demonstrated in this video.

Some sketches and prototypes from our design process:

An exploartory sketch.
An exploartory sketch.
An exploartory sketch.


W. Xie, Y. Liang, J. Johnson, A. Mower, S. Burns, C. Chelini, P. D'Alessandro, N. Weibel, J.P. Schulze. Interactive Multi-User 3D Visual Analytics in Augmented Reality (Pre-print on request). IS&T The Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality '20, San Francisco, CA, USA.


Wanze Xie, Andrea Mower, J├╝rgen Schulze, Nadir Weibel